Thursday, June 18, 2009

Its time for a confession

I've waited long enough.

I can't hold back any longer.

I must confess.

I don't like to garden.

I know Abby said it was "therapeutic" and made her "heart glad", but it is neither therapeutic or making my heart glad to garden.

It is in my blood to garden. My great grandmother ( who really was Great!) and my grandmother (who also is Great! but isn't called great grandmother by me, just my kids) and my very own mother (who, yes, is also Great, but who has ever heard of anyone called great mom?)
enjoy gardening and their flowers were and are beautiful.

Their yards are yards to envy. Made beautiful with all the color that God thought to put in flowers. There are small flowers, large flowers, bushes, and even little flower bed do-dads.

But, I don't like to garden. For two reasons.

1- I don't like to sweat.
2- I don't like to get dirty.

There. I've confessed.

I will only sweat when I'm sitting by the pool. And I won't do that very long. I will jeopardize my tan if sweating becomes an issue. I just can't stand it. It stinks, its gross, and very unbecoming on a southern lady.

As far as getting dirty goes. I just don't like that either. I don't like my hands dirty and grimy. And you know when you dig in the dirt you can find worms. OOHHiiee.

I am a part of the family. A full biological part of the family. But the gardening genes got overridden by the reading genes. While everyone else is slaving away in their gardens, I will be in the cool of my house reading a book.



Anonymous said...

When Julie was around 10 years old I decided she was going to be a ball player. So, I took her, glove, ball, and bat up to Sunnymeade school and started hitting balls to her. She would not move toward the ball. If it didn't come directly to her...she would just let it go by. I asked her why she wasn't moving around and going to the ball. Her answer was: "I don't want to work up a sweat." I loaded her, ball, bat, and glove back into the car and that ended her softball career.

Another story: When Julie was in high school Coach Gary Branch had been instructed by Mr. Jones, the principal, to get a strong girls' track team organized. One day Julie was walking down the hall and Coach Branch tried to recruit her for track. Julie said to Him:
"If you promise I can design my own uniform and that I won't sweat, I'll do it." Coach Branch bid Julie a good day and went on down the hall.

And, all of the above is a fact, Jack !!!!

Julie's Dad

Jodi said...

My dad was a good gardener. I don't have it either, I have tried, believe me. But, I just don't have it - more of a black thumb rather than a green thumb! ha!

kathy said...

Julie, you wear gloves when you work in the dirt and you don't get your hands dirty...and about the sweat part, i plant and work when it is spring. When it gets hot summer, I just let them fend for themselves ( that is the flowers )

Anonymous said...


we were in the same line when they were handing out those genes!!


Anonymous said...

Right there with ya Sister!!!!