Friday, October 26, 2007

You're Welcome

We sisters go from not posting real often to posting all at one time. I love the lack of consistency, really. I think it is a reflection of life. It comes and goes in waves.

I am learning a lot about people through my line of work and especially at my new job. One thing I am learning real quick, is that everyone needs to see a smile. Smiling comes easy for me but some days I would rather not force it if I don't have to. But I am learning to force it anyway.
It is a reflection of our attitude.
Our attitude is all we have control over. Sometimes that is a tough thing to hear, but it is the truth. We can't control the wind, waves or the storms but we can control how we act when they come upon us. My boss used a great analogy with me when referring to one of our co-workers who has not yet learned this attitude lesson. Here is the analogy (From the Covey book, for those of you who are fans):
Relationships are like a bank. We make deposits so we can make a withdrawal when we need to. So, we smile when we have a horrid headache, we laugh at a joke that really isn't funny, we tell them their hair looks nice when we know they had it done(and it still looks the same as it did yesterday), we say "good morning" as we pass people in the parking lot knowing they won't speak back, we compliment their work when it is needed, etc. So, then when we need to really vent or let our hair down, they will listen and understand without finding fault with us. The goal is to make more deposits than withdrawals so we don't go in the red. Being in the red is not a good thing. Everyone suffers when we go into the red.
Difficult people will make more withdrawls than deposits and stay in the red but the goal, as with banking, is to not do that. We don't want to be "taxing" to be around because then no body will be around us when we really need them and want them around.
So, I am working on making more deposits and smiling more with those who are most difficult to get along with. I am also praying that God will give me a sarcastic spirit. I was praying for a sweet spirit but decided I didn't want to be sweet. ha!
I have been practicing this attitude thing more and more lately with people whom I never invested that energy. God is showing himself through those still, forced smiles. Today I was at Wal-mart picking up some organizational stuff to clean out cabinets/closets this weekend at the house. (Fun times....please come and help if you wish). I had emptied my cart into my trunk in the rain and hated walking all the way to the cart bin and almost shoved it in front of my car. I stopped and looked next to me hoping no one was around and I saw a mama getting her 2 kids out of her car. Both were under the age of 3. Her back was to me and I said "Do you need this cart for your babies?" I said it 2 times and still no answer. I was beginning to leave the deposit line. Her little girl finally tapped her on the leg and the lady turned around. She pointed to her ears and signed that she was deaf. I almost cried. I smiled instead and motioned for her to take the cart. She then looked me in the eye with a smile and signed 'Thank You" I got in my car and thought of my Granny (If you didn't know her...I am truly sorry for you. She was incredible and signed for the deaf community in Fort Smith). I loved that God was proving this atittude lesson with me in such a humble way. I hated I didn't know how to sign "You're Welcome." I wish Melissa had been with me to help me sign my reply. I love you Licca! :) I say all this to stress that our attitude is all people remember and take with them after spending time with us. What does your bank account look like and what message are you leaving behind with those you encounter?


Melissa Southerland said...

Yeah right, like I would've been any help. I don't remember much from that sign language class I took. I can sign the alphabet and that's about it :)

Lindsey Watson said...

wonderful words of wisdom that we can all profit from. working at a college sometimes makes me feel like i have had more withdraws from me than deposits made to me. but that is no reason for me to do the same to others! thanks for the reminder!!!