Monday, October 1, 2007

Lone Star Recap

Rand and I had a wonderful visit to the Lone Star state over the weekend. Visiting my grandparents in their home makes my soul smile. We always love going and being with them for three or four days. My Mawmaw cooks our favorite foods and tells us how "perfect" we are the whole time we are there. She is a bit bias I know but who can't love that kind of royal treatment? Last night I laid in my bed and thanked God for my family. Our special bond is so unique and it defines who I am and I like it.
Here is my Mama's birthday cake. Mawmaw and I made it together in her kitchen. After many runny roses, I made a few that were presentable. It was a fun experience for sure. They all thought my "Specialty A Country Rose Garden" looked like the cake on Paula's magazine cover and of course my Mawmaw thought mine looked better than Paula's (I wish I could carry Mawmaw in my pocket!). So, we took a picture and sent it to Paula. We are hoping to receive tickets to Paula's Party so I can demonstrate my cake making abilities. Yes, you laugh...I do to. We still have hope though.
We had fun shopping for shoes, shopping for Cancun and shopping at the pottery store. Poor Rand went with us girls but he was a trooper. He picked up a pink purse and acted as though we was going to carry it when a lady in the store told him it matched his shirt! He is too cute, all man and he is mine. I like that.
Thanks to good family, good food, good times and unconditional love. Oh, and if I get a call from Paula, I will let you know.



Anonymous said...

You are becoming quiet the little cake maker. I love Paula, so take me with you if you get to go see her :) HA!!!