Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Teenage Friendship

I was reminded at church Sunday morning of how difficult friendships are. Laura Ann is a beautiful high school senior, captain of her cheerleading squad, a Christian leader at school and at church and she is being treated badly by a handful of her "friends". These girls have been friends for years, but as what usually happens in high school, popularity becomes more important than moral and right behavior. My friend is being mistreated because she doesn't party or hang out with the people who do. She is being gossiped about and honors are being withheld that she deserves. My heart breaks for her. Instead of naming names, gripping, and whining, she asked me to pray for her. I usually pray for her each morning, but I will start praying for her more fervently. If you feel called to, pray for her also. I'm sure we "older girls" can remember high school and the ugly things we said about each other and did to each other. We know that it happens to everybody, but Laura Ann is experiencing it now.



Anonymous said...

Oh me, you've got to love snotty girls!! I said a little prayer for her today :)