Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cancun Memories

What a wonderful beach vacation! Rand took me to Cancun for my fall break. We had the best time sunning on the beach with large topless British ladies all around us, bartering with the Mexicans at the market, walking 3 miles from town in our flip-flops so we wouldn’t have to get back on the dreaded city bus, eating the best French fries ever made while sitting on the beach in the afternoons, drinking 3 of the best fruity drinks ever concocted, Losing our beach pouch in the ocean with our safety box key in it and then finding it six hours later,our waiter at Senor Frogs making Rand wear a butterfly balloon get-up while he ate, Rand dressed for pictures on the beach while looking like a RIU maintenance man and someone waving him down for help, Having a Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman moment at the restaurant our first night while entering in my bathing suit cover-up, walking on the beach at night and listening to the waves, sitting on our balcony admiring the blue waters and the beautiful palm trees, and sitting in Houston for 10 hours trying to get home due to rain delays while Rand was getting food poisoning and not aware of it until we got home in the wee hours of the morning. What an unforgettable trip and yes, I am brown as a berry for those of you who keep asking. Don’t be jealous…it will fade away soon enough.
And, don’t you hate coming home from a vacation more exhausted then when you left?



Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures!! I am so glad that your trip was wonderful. You both look so happy.

Anonymous said...

How cool was that vacation (or maybe it was hot???)! It looks like you all had a blast - but of course you did - it was a VACATION! And the best kind it looks like. Glad you got away to a fun place and had a really good time. Next time - maybe you will take your favorite aunt????
Guess who!

Anonymous said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!

Lindsey Watson said...

pictures are gorgeous!! so jealous!!! hope you enjoyed the beach a little for me too! love you!!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great and it looks like y'all had fun times. That bit about Randall being waved down by someone who needed helped cracked me up!!! Glad y'all had fun. It was a much needed and deserved vacation for the two of you :)


Sisters said...

Great white dress. You looked stunning in it.
Good pictures! thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you'd go without your other favorite aunt!!! I'd even have gone to carry your bags, etc. You guys are sooo cute together... and loved the pictures in white. My favorite kind of beach pictures! I, of course, am jealous of that beautiful tan. So glad it was a blast.
Your real favorite aunt

Anonymous said...

Mexican vacation really looks good on You two. So glad you had a wonderful time. love you, mamaw

Mandy said...

Looks like fun! I'm jealous!

CLAnderson said...

OK---absolutely gorgeous but I'm a little upset you didn't fly me down with you to take your beach pictures!!! haha For real---tell me all about your stay, where you stayed and the fun stuff you did. John and I are trying to plan a fun vacation for he and I, and I would love to collect up all the info I can before making a decision on where to go!!!