Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Why The Headache?

I got 3 big ole shots in my hip yesterday and the doctor put me back on my daily meds. A little sad but looking forward to it making my head stop hurting. Pray I can come off my meds sometime soon. I truly hate taking them, yet I truly despise the headaches. I still have a headache today but it is not as intense. Ready for the meds to start working again.

I was doing somersaults last week because I was migraine med free for two weeks with no headache. The celebration has come to a stop. Thursday afternoon I got the headache of all headaches. I had a visit from Ralph and Earl several times and slept most of my Labor Day weekend, hoping to ward it away. No such luck. I am getting a shot from the headache doctor this afternoon to hopefully knock it out and knock me out for the rest of the day. Please pray I don’t have to go back on my daily meds and this is just a rare occurrence from a little caffeine intake last week. Many of you know what a thorn in my side this onset of migraines has been for me the past year and a half. Please pray I can continue my somersaults after this shot today and not have to go back on those pesky prevention pills.
By the way, I must not forget to thank my husband and my neighbors for being such wonderful caretakers. My sweet neighbor had hip surgery last week but made me veggie soup and had her hubby walk it over to me because my head hurt. Too much! Rand is the best comforter, housekeeper and cook a girl could ask for. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.



Mandy said...

I am going on Thursday so the doctor can begin to find the "root" or "trigger" for my headaches. I have had occular migraines for about a year with no headaches, but my doc now thinks I am getting the full fledged migraines. I may be in the same boat as you pretty soon. Hang in there!