Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Real Life

My vacation is over!!
We hit "real life" pretty hard Monday morning. We had a good day at school and then we headed out to Walmart.I go there every Monday for our weekly shopping trip. I have tried shopping 2 weeks at a time but I found that planning 20 meals at a time ( we usually eat out on Friday night) is all I can do or want to do. We were all on our best behavior and the shopping trip was quick and painless ( if only they were all that way).
I called Stephen right as we were leaving to ask him about the shells (bullets for those that don't have hunting in their home) he wanted me to pick up. Laughing, he said "The staff wants to know if you are bringing the kids to Kingdom Kids." I looked at my watch and it was 3:30, (Kingdom Kids is a program we have for K-6 kids at the church. The church bus picks them up at school and brings them to church and it gets over at 5:00)I told him we would be there as quick as we could-so we drove quickly the 30 something miles to the church. Hopefully next week I will remember Kingdom Kids and get them there on time!
Tuesday was a busy day too. It was the last day to drop off clothes for Duck Duck Goose. So after school we headed to Little Rock. After a couple of errands there we stopped and ate Mexican food and then went home to settle down.
Wednesday was a stay at home day. Finally!!!Samuel needed a haircut so I had Stephen take him to the barber shop and I picked him up a little later. Oh, how time changes things. I can remember Samuel's first haircut. We took him to a place that specialized in children and we videotaped it. Nine years later we drop him off and pick him up later. The joys of having a 9 year old (very soon to be 10)!!!!

PS - I just wrote about how busy I am. I didn't mention how busy Stephen is. That just since Sunday he has had 8 meetings outside of regular working hours. My point is this, your pastor is a very busy man, often away from his family. Please show your appreciation to him, his wife and his children. A thank you or a hug is always appreciated!



Sisters said...

So you are now leaving my baby boy at the barber shop too?! What is the deal with you people? The villagers are going to turn you in or take him captive in the village. Do I need to call SCAN?
Tante Abby