Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Who Do I Fear?

In Sunday School Sunday the teacher asks this question. Am I more afraid of what God thinks about what I'm doing or what other people think? And I started thinking about it. Who do I fear-not a fright fear but a reverence, awe fear? Do I so fear people and what the will think and say that I am more concerned about what car I drive than spending time with God in prayer and in His word (that’s what should drive me)? Am I more concerned about what people think about how I raise my children, what clothes they wear and what activities they are involved in than I am about what God thinks about raising the children that He gave me?
We have made tough decisions this summer and hopefully they were God honoring ones. We chose once again to not play baseball on Sundays and we have chosen to homeschool the kids. These decisions have been met with talk, criticism, praise and some disapproving glances. And let me admit to you I have faltered, because what people think is important to me, but today’s question made me really think. Do I want to be a people pleaser or a God pleaser? I pray that I am a God pleaser in thought and action. What about you?


Sisters said...

Ok, don't make me break out the Joyce Meyers book on you! Ha, know I love ya!