Friday, September 14, 2007

The Birthday Recap

Thanks for the wonderful Birthday wishes! I had a fabulous birthday. My birthday is a major holiday to me and those closest to me know they have to recognize it as such. I think my Mama & Daddy raised us to think it was the most special day of the year so I am 29 and still think it is just as special as I did growing up. It is fun times for sure!
Rand is always so sweet on my birthday. He was not raised in the same “birthday bubble” as me and has had to make himself more birthday minded in the past five years in order to keep the peace on the 13th of September. God love that man! He literally woke up yesterday singing Happy Birthday, took me to lunch, gave me a new camera, cooked me dinner, did the dishes, and got me the cutest/funniest card! I was born right around 9:00 at night and so last night he screamed, “Happy Birthday” when the clock rolled around to that hour. That’s my Rand!
I got lots of good loot from my family & closest friends and love everything I received. Gift giving and receiving is my love language, so I really soar high on my birthday. I love that people you least expect to remember your birthday actually do remember and acknowledge it by email or a phone call and sometimes a gift! That always surprises me, really. So, thanks!
I must say the most memorable moment of my birthday was when I stepped on the scale at WW last night and it was down 3 pounds from last week. Not having a birthday cake in the house was so very worth it! I did have fat free lemon pie though, yummy!
Speaking of cake, I am posting a picture of a guitar cake I made for a friend’s husband. His name is JD and he plays the guitar. It was a time consuming effort but I think it turned out real nice. His birthday is today. Can you believe Melissa thought I was lying about making this cake when I emailed her the picture?! How dare that girl doubt my cake skills! Ha!



Anonymous said...

your blog is so you. that randall has sure stepped up to the plate being married to you and knowing what makes you happy. i am so glad that you have him. he sure is a keeper. i am glad that you had a proper birthday. and losing 3 pounds make it even sweeter.

Michael said...

Happy birthday Abby Jo. Sorry for the lateness. I've been drugged up this weekend to numb the pain from a broken elbow.

Lindsey said...

girl, birthdays were major holidays in my house growing up too!! and mom still treats them that way!! i am glad you had a wonderful birthday and i am so glad we got to see each other before hand!!! i miss my abby jo!