Friday, August 10, 2007

Well it is true, I am 37!

Well it is true, I am 37! I can't believe it! I don't feel 37, I don't feel like a mom of 4 who is once again homeschooling. I don't know how 37 is supposed to feel, but I just feel younger than 37. I think that by typing 37 over and over again, I will get used to the idea. I had such a wonderful birthday. I woke up to birthday gifts, and cards. David and I went and got "the best doughnuts ever" (as David said) at the Village and pigged out. For lunch we went back to the village and ate at the sandwich shop with Polly and Jeremy. Polly is Stephens secretary and Jeremy is the youth minister. Jeremy was telling people I was 38 and I wasn't very happy with him, but he and Ms. Polly bought lunch, so I forgave him!! After lunch Stephen, the kids and I went to the pool. I love it so much!! We stayed there until time to clean up and go to church. When I got to church, I received even more gifts, and cards. Debbie and Laura Ann had a cake made for me, it was beautiful! And quite yummy, it had so much icing on it, that there wasn't a piece that wasn't wonderful!! They also gave me a ring, that I had been drooling after since early spring. They are just wonderful people. If you ever come to Star City, I will introduce you to these great girls. It is an honor and blessing to know them! Next week is my 14th anniversary. I tried to come up with 30 reasons I love my 30's and couldn't come up with any (although my BFF Cindy came with a few that were terrific!!!) but I think I can come up with 14 reasons I love being married. So I will post those next week. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
Love you all so much!


Mandy said...

Hey Miss Julie! I was reading through several blogs and found yours and Abby's! It's great to read up on you guys! Take care!
Mandy (Shank)

Anonymous said...

Julie and I spend a couple of phone calls a week discussing the state of the "Razorback Union".We are convinced that the two of us know more about the situation than all of those folks trying to make Coach Nutt's life myserable.
Julie and Stephen are raising the "fab four" in the ways of the Lord while nuturing them to become solid citizens and fans of "Razorback Nation." Stephen has fallen from grace somewhat when it comes to Coach Nutt...but Julie will whip him back in line.
Go Beavers Bunch...Go Hogs.