Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day of School

I have a bridseye view of the middle school campus from my office window. Today is the first day of school. I am smiling at the middle school kids as they change classes. One boy held the outside door open for everyone and no one said thanks to him or even gave him a smile. He held it anyway because he was raised right, I guess. Then the boy lets the door go and drops his books on the ground because he tripped on his shoe lace. God love that little guy! Then there is that poor little girl who must be new to the school because she has no friends walking with her or talking to her. She is a bit chubby and has brand new loafers on that look as though they are hurting her feet. You can tell she is nervous and self conscious. I feel for her because I have been there way too many times. Then there are those snotty girls who are carrying their huge big purses with the name brand plastered all over them to each class while flipping their hair and talking amongst each other while they walk – oblivious to the poor little girl who has no one to talk to. I want to go out there and slap them! It does make me so glad they wear uniforms though. At least they all look alike no matter what they think of themselves. Then there is the class clown who is walking around wondering how his Daddy is because he had a heart attack in the night last night. He must be a ball of nerves, but he isn’t showing it. It is also so cute to watch them all try to carry those big text books and three ring binders in their hands. It is a balancing act, for sure. Anyway, it is so fun to watch them. One could do a sociology study from my desk. I must be getting old because they all look so little!


Stephanie said...

I used to be the snotty girl, flipping my hair and ignoring the girl with the bad shoes..actually I probably noticed the shoes and then talked about her later!! I have definitely grown up and now I'll just tell you to your face that I don't like your shoes. J/K I have definitely spent some time with the Lord apologizing for being a brat in school. Hopefully those girls will come to their senses sooner then later. Glad you are enjoying your new job.