Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is my sister’s 37th birthday. Yep, she is getting old! I think this is the first birthday she has really dreaded. There is no need because she looks like she is twenty-five, acts like it and feels like it (Most days). Really, people never think she looks her age. We have good genes in that respect. People think I just graduated from college…HELLO! Age is just a number, anyway. After all, isn’t forty the new twenty? (I am still a teenager if that is the case!)
I remember Julia K’s 30th birthday so well. There is the cutest picture of us in linen sundresses standing arm-in-arm in front of my infamous green Caviler (I intended to scan & post the picture but time got away from me). That was when Samuel was still a “special only” to all of us (he still is to some of us – ha!). Wow, her life has been busy these past 7 years! She has lived in 3 different towns and had 3 more babies (2 at one time, of course. She is no Michelle Duggar). Through all the changes and years of gaining much wisdom she still has that same sweet, fun spirit she had when we sat at our kitchen table in Sutton Estates years ago and sang “Happy Birthday” over homemade birthday cakes. I hope she has a fabulous birthday with her rowdy clan and remembers how special this day is not only to her, but to all of us who love her to pieces!
Happy Birthday, Julia Kathryn!


Anonymous said...

Happy Late Birthday, Julie! Wow...You are getting OLD!!! Just kidding.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, sweet Julia, We love you,
Mamaw and UD

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Do you feel as old as you look? Just kidding!

You will be forever young in my mind!

Love, Aunt Janet