Monday, August 27, 2007

I Love the Light in Their Eyes

Well, let me just say that I can't compete with Abby Jo's bird blog. She is a gifted writer and evidently (whether she likes it or not) a bird lover!
School has started! It is going really good. I know we are missing out on a lot of "real" school memories, like cubbies, backpacks, standing in line, hall passes, cafeteria food, etc... but we are making good memories at home.
We start the day off slow. I love to sleep late, so because of that we aren't rushed in the mornings. We pray before school, and when we don't we can really see a difference in how the day goes. Right now I am teaching language, math,spelling,reading, and phonics. I will start Bible, science, and social studies after our vacation! We have a schedule that works really good for us. Samuel studies his spelling words, and does his journal entry while I teach Daniel and David phonics, and math. At times I feel like my wings are wet and I can't fly(back to Abby's blog) but then I see the light go on in their eyes and I get so excited!!
Friday Samuel was learning double digit multiplication and oh how we were struggling! We did problem after problem. Stephen came in at one point and offered to take over the teaching. But I was not going to let that happen! I wanted the light that was going to come on in Samuel's eyes to be one that I helped put there. Selfish isn't it!!!
If we are on your personal prayer list please keep us there. Some days are much tougher than others.I still feel that some people may have their feelings hurt that we are homeschooling the kids this year. And as a people pleaser that isn't easy for me to deal with.
When Samuel finishes his current journal entry I will post it, I think it will be a real hoot. We were studying homonyms his story is about Hairy Harry. I can't wait to share it with you!!


Sisters said...

Ok, I am waiting on Hairy Harry with much excitment and waiting on my letter. I go every afternoon down that long gravel drive and nothing, nada has arrived. Does he need a new #2 or even a jumbo size pencil, seriously?! I love you and am so glad you are my sissy and no one elses. I don't think I would share you very well.

Anonymous said...

mrs. beavers- you're the best. I'm proud of you! :-) c.lou