Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Love The Pool

Can I just tell you how much I love the swimming pool?
We have had a pool in our backyard for the last 6 years. It was one of the blue pools, that has the blow-up ring at the top. We started out with a small one, then bought the next size up, and finally bought the size up from that. Our family just kept getting bigger(both in number and physical size!).
This picture is of the boys in the big blue pool - 2005.
This year we have a membership to a pool in town. The greatest thing about the pool, is that it is on our road. We can walk to it!((we drive to it, just because I'm so tired after sitting out in the sun, I just don't think I would make it home if I was walking!) The boys love it, and Anna too. I've yet to step foot in the water, but I sit beside it every chance I get.
Two weeks ago we were at childrens camp, so there was no lying by the pool for me. Last week we only got 2 pool days because we were in Fort Smith and this week we have had one day so far. Isn't this crazy? I'm writing about laying out by the pool and I'm 36! Oh, my goodness!!! I will be 37 in 7 more days!!! I'm all for celebrating birthdays but I think I am going to forget about turning a year older, I'll just celebrate the day. How about that?!


Sisters said...

Rand made fun of the picture. He said our little guys looked "'tardish" in this pic. I think they are precious!