Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Neighbors are Priceless Treasures

Have I told you about my neighbors? Mrs. Rochelle and Mr. Garry are God sent. Actually, they looked at their house for the first time the day we moved into ours. They say Rand is what sold them on the house! They are in their mid fifties, parents, grandparents and wonderful friends to us. They love to take us to all the new restaurants in the area. They buy us gifts “just because”. Last summer they bought Rand a John Deere tractor yard sprayer because it looked like him. She sends me flowers when I least expect them. She sent them one time when I was bitten by a fire ant and had a swollen foot. This past Christmas she sent me a wonderful centerpiece for a Christmas party I was having at my house. I told her one day last spring I liked blue hydrangeas. I came home the next day to a blue bush sitting in my garage. We can’t begin to compete with them!
I love walking across the yard to their backdoor to find my favorite drinks in her fridge (even cut up lime). She keeps Rand’s in the fridge out in their workshop since that is where he visits most of the time. When I had my wreck last month, she brought a diet coke with lime out to me in an iced glass (the wreck was in front of my house). She feeds us often and her cooking is just like being at home. There are days like to today I just smile and Thank God for them. Mrs. Rochelle is out of town this week visiting her mother in Arkansas. Mr. Garry was taking the trash out last night after work and saw us grilling. We asked him to join us and he walked right up and grabbed a chair while saying, “You don’t have to ask me twice”. I told him what I was serving tonight and he said, “I’ll be right on over!” I just love it. It is hard to find good neighbors who really look after one another these days. My favorite memory of Mr. Garry is last winter. We came home from being out of town for the holidays earlier than they expected us. He saw a light on in our house, got his shotgun and then walked around the house with it cocked and ready. Luckily, he saw Rand’s truck and backed off! If you don’t know your neighbors, I urge you to take a warm plate of cookies and introduce yourself. You never know what God might have in store for you through that plate of warm goodies.



Anonymous said...

Being so far away from my children makes this story so heartwarming. I am so glad that you have these neighbors. I know someone is watching after you two when I am so far away. I must send them a card thanking them.