Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Friends, Birds and the Potty

Part 1 of 3!!! I have talked to some of my friends lately and the conversation has always turned to spending time with friends. We all want to spend time with each other, but we are unable to make time for it. I think it is important to keep up with friends and make time for them. Now that it is baseball season, and we are very much a baseball family, I understand the difficulty of getting together with others outside of our families. Last night was our first "mexican movie mama monday nite". A few girls from church are getting together once a month just to spend a little bit of time together. We drove to Monticello and ate mexican food. We didn't go to a movie because we got away late (because of ballgames of course!), but we had such a good time. I encourage all of you to have a mexican movie mama monday nite(say that 3 times fast!) with your group of friends. Or you could have a "taco teacher talking tuesday nite", or a "thirsty tortelinii thirty thursday", or a "fried fish friendly friday nite"!!!!! Let me know if you go out and have fun with your friends. I came back last night a much better person. I know it is hard to leave your kids and your husband. When I came home I still had to clean up supper dishes, but the kids were in bed so that was one good thing! But I felt like I had had a break from the sometimes mundane life of a mom. Enjoy and invite me!!!!

Part 2 of 3 Lucky died! Samuel's yellow parakeet died Sunday night. He had had Lucky for 2 1/2 years. I have the cutest pictures of Anna chasing Lucky on the floor when she was just crawling (but because of my computer situation I can't post them!). Samuel was sad, and we are burying him by the death tree. That is what D&D call the tree that we buried their fish Goldy by. I asked their permission to bury him there, and Daniel said we could but not on the same side of the tree, and David said we could if we left his head sticking up!! Oh to be a 6 year old again!!!

Part 3 of 3 I know I should not prematurely celebrate but Anna poo-pooed in the potty 2 times yesterday!!!! Please pray that she continues this! We have celebrated with poo-poo skittles and if she poo-poos today she gets the Care Bear that Aunt Abby has given her for this most special occasion. I did not know that I could type poo-poo so many times in a paragraph! Sorry about that, but that is the life of a mom who is potty training isn't it?!



Sisters said...

Leaving a comment on my own blog cracks me up but I just have to say I am so sad Lucky is dead but so very glad he will rest forever with Goldy out at the death tree. Your babies are the cutest ones I know:)
I so love the friends outing ideas...wish I had friends locally to do that with...maybe someday soon.
Tell Anna to keep up the pooping and get that Care Bear off the top of the fridge!

You are the cutest sister in the world!

Anonymous said...

Yea Anna and Yea Mom!

c lou

Anonymous said...

I read this again just because it was so funny even though it is so sad. I miss you Julie! Love, clou