Friday, May 4, 2007

Beavers Happenings

It has been a long time since April 18, when I last shared my wisdom and wonderful stories with you. (HA!HA!) So, I will now update you on all my happenings.
April 20- Anna turned 3. We got up early that morning and drove to Pine Bluff to pick up her cake. It was so cute!! At 1:00 all Anna's friends came to celebrate her birthday. They had so much fun. They squealed and played with the streamers that were decorating the fence. She opened her presents and loved them all. It was a good day for Anna!
April 21- Star City has an annual festival called Stardaze and it is set up right in front of the church. So, we took advantage of the situation and FBC held our own little FREE carnival with bounce-arounds and games with free prizes. It was a hit! That afternoon our revival team came in. Trent Broussard flew in from Michigan and Tom and Robbie Bray drove in from Florida. It was great to see our friends again. We had a great week with them.
April 24- David and Daniel turned 6!!!!! I can't believe it! They went to school and then had to go to the revival service that night. But they got cool gifts, and the high school girls circled around them and sang Happy Birthday to them. It was funny!!!
April 26-29 Company came to town! The Beavers came on Thursday to watch Samuel's ballgame (his team is undefeated!!). Friday night D&D played ball (they have lost every game!!) and then we went to Pine Bluff to pick up their bikes that the Beavers got them for their birthday. We then went out to eat and Abby and Randall were on their way to Star City, so they stopped and ate with us. D&D's party was Saturday evening at the state park in Star City, their friends came and played and roasted hot dogs. They all had a good time!
And that brings us to now, and not much has happened this week. I love all of ya'll. I'm sorry I haven't emailed this week. I have no reason, I just haven't done it. Please forgive me!
Love, Julie


Anonymous said...

If anyone deserves a week without something big going on it is you. you sure try to do it all and you do good at what you do. your kids are fortunate to have a mama like you. sounds like a fun filled week for sure.

Anonymous said...

If the Lord ever called anyone to
"motherhood" it was Julia Kathryn
Skutt Beavers. You are an awesome Mom, Jules, and really not a bad
daughter at all. You and Stephen have so much to be proud of.
You have three All Americans and a
Beauty Queen for kids. Not many families can claim that.

Love you all.