Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Star Citizens

So, I've been busy!
Abby sent me an email and titled it WRITE A BLOG!!!
This is the first time I've been at a computer in days, so get ready!!!
This is the last week of school, so we have been extra busy around our house. Friday we had nine weeks awards assemblies at the school. David and Daniel got awards for having all S's for this term and were named Star Citizen in their class. The teacher is supposed to choose one boy and one girl from the class, but Mrs. Kim said she had to pick David and Daniel together, so their class had two boys and one girl ! Mrs. Kim said that D&D are great examples to the rest of the class in their behavior. (well, it is good to know that they act nice somewhere!!!HA!) Samuel received an award for getting all A's this term ( he had been named Star Citizen the second nine weeks!). Today was the end of the year awards, and D&D received awards for making all S's all year!!! YEA!!!! Samuel missed making all A's by 2 points in math the 3rd nine weeks. But he got all A's this nine weeks. I am a proud mama! I do know however that the glory goes to God, He is the one that helped us through this year of moving and going to a new school. Thank you God!
Anna has pooped in the potty 2 days in a row! So she got the care bear on top of the frig! She was so excited and took the care bear (which is full of bubble bath-it isn't a stuffed animal) to church. I however made her keep it in the van. I could just see her taking the head off the care bear and dosing everyone with bubble bath in the nursery!!! What a sight that would have been! Our summer is looking very busy, but I hope to get home and I hope to hit Searcy and Leachville at some point this summer. I don't remember summers like this when I was young. I'm sure that will be another blog on another day. One of these days these blogs aren't going to be about my kids. But right now I wanted to brag!!!

Love ya!


Sisters said...

I hope you can add a trek to your sister's house to that little list of destinations. I am tired of begging people to come to my house, it is not like I live in East India...come on!

Melissa said...

Congrats Julie on your kids doing such an outstanding job in school this year....I think it is really just a reflection of great parenting on yours and Stephen's part :)