Friday, May 11, 2007

A Mother's Day Mix-Up

Oh me! Molly (Rand's step mom) called me this afternoon so excited and a little perplexed. She received a Mother's Day package in the mail today from us. She opened the box to find a card on top that said "Mawmaw". She got so excited and opened it up. She then called me to say she got the card and asked if there was something I needed to tell her. She thought I was pregnant! I got my packages all screwed up and mailed her present to Mama & Mawmaw and their presents to Augusta. I cried like a fat child at the thought of them not having their gifts on Mother's Day. They all laughed because poor Molly was so excited about a baby to find there was no baby. I feel like such a hill for getting her hopes up and then screwing up the packages. What a Mother's Day Mess that I will never hear the end of! Thanks to Mom, Molly and Mawmaw for being such good sports about this and helping me see the humor in it. I of course am still somewhat heartbroken at the thought of them not having the correct presents on Mother's Day. I promise I will do better next year and maybe, just maybe, Molly will be getting a "Nana" card :)



Melissa said...

CRACK ME UP!!! Poor Molly got her hopes up for nothing :)