Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Scrimmage

Football season is upon us. Finally!!

I totally enjoy football season. The crowds, the weather, the food, he cheerleaders, the sport. I love it all. And now that Samuel is playing, well my love for football has increased multiple times. 

Today was a team scrimmage. They just played against each other, but it was the first time they played in front of a crowd. The first time Samuel had ever kicked in a game situation, we were excited.

I wanted to put a video so you could see him kick, but I can't, and this picture doesn't show much either. But he did Sooo good! I was so proud of him. He kicked made 6 out of 7 extra points and a field goal. I had told him I wasn't going to brag on him until he proved himself, and he did. So I'm bragging! 

He won't kick that much in a regular game, if at all. (I'm a bit worried about the offense, he might just be doing a lot of punting!) 

He has another scrimmage, this time against another team, on the 26th, and his first game is Sept. 6th. We're ready to cheer on the black and gold Wildcats!!