Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Sister

Today is this pretty girl's 44th birthday. We were able to celebrate her this week while at Cousins Camp in Cherokee Village at a rented house on the lake. It was great fun throwing this little surprise for my sweet sister. 

Henry made a princess sticker card for his Juju. She was so excited to get it. We love celebrating our favorite sister and aunt!

This collage of pics make me laugh. We love laughing. Jules and I always give each other wallets and put pics of ourselves in them. It's special. Julie was reading the longest card in American Greetings history to Claire and she was over it after the first line. I love her face. Claire is hysterical. Boo on me for buying the competition. Julie is the Hallmark lady in her area, you know. We threw this Dollar Tree party together while she showered and Henry went in the bathroom and gave her the hat. But of course he did. I think she had an idea after that! I wish we had the party set up on video. Daniel lit the candles and the fire alarm went off. The Ash Flat Walmart had no bakery. Oh, Ash Flat ;) so, we bought a pound cake and frozen cake pops and made a cake. Score!  I just love celebrating my sister!!! 

Abby Jo