Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Football Tuesday Night

It was a Football Tuesday night last night. Well, not a real football night, more like a scrimmage against two other teams. 

Daddy came over to watch Samuel play. It was so fun to sit beside him in the stands watching him play. There's no way I could count the hours I've spent listening, talking, and watching football with my dad. But there was something special about getting to watch my son play with my dad beside me. 

Samuel didn't disappoint. He was 3 for 3 on extra points and punted too many times for me to remember. (Our team may not be as good as we wish they were.) The field is turf, which means no dirt, but Samuel walked out on the field to play dirty. 

The boy always has the dirtiest uniform of anyone on his team. This picture was taken before the kickoff. Before he kicked a ball. And when the game ended, he was still the dirtiest one, and he hadn't even been tackled. I have no explanation.

We lost both of our games/scrimmages, I'm hoping we gets the kinks worked out before our first game! Go Wildcats!!! Go #10!!