Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Sickness

It happens every summer, the kids get sick. They don't get sick much in the winter, but summertime hits, and we're at the doctors office.

Two weeks ago, David started feeling bad so I called the doctor. The nurse said she could call in some cough medicine, but I had already found the bottle from that same week a year ago in our cabinet, so I told her I'd just use what we had. Apparently, David and Anna were ill at the same time last year.

But David continued to get worse, so into the office we went. I remembered then that the month of July is when the med students work in the clinic. We see a new batch every year, because we're always there in July! Turns out David has a petty nasty year infection. We made a quick trip to Little Rock after the appointment and he rode like this. Poor baby.

But on a brighter note, my fern is looking great!

I've had it since Mother's Day and it's still alive. Wonders never cease!