Monday, July 14, 2014

As I've mentioned before, this summer is going to be known around our house as The Most Boring Summer Ever! 

This morning I told Daniel and David they could ride their bikes away from our little neighborhood. This was met with surprised looks and excited smiles. Daniel was the most excited. They quickly got dressed and hopped on their bikes for a little adventure.

I took a picture, as you can see Daniel was the most excited! They stayed gone for about an hour, and had fun. Finally! Fun was had this summer!

This afternoon the doorbell rang. The kids answered it, and Daniel came to me and told me a man was at the door. I left the kitchen and David followed me. I thanked him for his protectiveness. The salesman at the door laughed and thought it was sweet that he was standing so close to me. I turned around and David was right behind me. It was so sweet, he was making sure nothing happened to me. 

These boys are really great. I hope they remember that some days this summer were fun days.