Thursday, July 17, 2014


In the great outdoors...It has been wonderful the last two days! Low temps and humidity have been really nice. I've sat outside in the middle of the day without sweating. In July! Wow, so thankful!

Within our walls...We still have sickness within our walls. 

A heart of thanksgiving...I'm so thankful for the cool weather, pain relievers, and wellness.

A heart of prayer...I'm reminded that the convictions I have that don't matter eternally, shouldn't be used to bully or judge people. And the same for others convictions. I'm praying that I won't be so judgemental.

Random observations...I hate Mosquitos, gnats, and any other flying bugs.

My silly children... Samuel isn't feeling well today. He is achy and feverish. As bad as I feel that he isn't his normal self, I have LOVED lying beside him in my bed and watching tv, talking, and laughing. He's a really great kid.

Thoughts from the kitchen...Tonight we're having tator tot casserole and for dessert, s'mores dip. Yummy, I hope!

What I'm reading...I have read four books in the last week. I love summer, I read a lot!

Sounds of the moment..I'm writing this at 5:15 so the news is on. Sad news today, a Malaysian airplane crashed, probably shot down and Israel is fighting in Gaza. Many lives have been and will be lost, Jesus is the only Hope.

What I'm wearing...T-shirt, black yoga capris, and white socks

A favorite thing from last week...We went to the movie and saw Echo to Earth, or is it Earth to Echo? I don't remember, but it was surprisingly good.

On the calendar...Next Monday I'm meeting my friends Dana and Jill for a girls day. I'm so excited about this, I miss them so much. They are great friends that I've had all of our married life. They are precious.