Friday, July 11, 2014

Daybook Entry

In the great outdoors...It rained this morning, so it's a little humid outside. But just looking out the window, it is a beautiful day.

Within our walls...Stephen is off today, well he has to work tonight, but toDAY he's home. So, it's our Saturday, we're being a little lazy and plan on going to a movie this afternoon.

A heart of thanksgiving...I have found myself to have a lack of contentment lately. I'm remembering that all of my needs are met, and so many of my desires. All of my wants aren't met, but who needs all of their wants met? No one!

A heart of prayer...I am planning two women's events for the upcoming months, and am praying that the decisions I make and those of my team are God honoring.

Random observations...I've always known people to say "God told me to do this" but I've never had an overwhelming feeling of God telling me to do something, or in my case not to do something, that only affected me. Until now. 

My silly children...
This is Daniel's. My kids are quite possessive about their food. Normally they hide chips, or cookies in cabinets, boxes, and other strange places. But this time, Daniel just put his name on it! 

Thoughts from the kitchen...Last night we had Daniel's chicken. Chicken breasts dipped in butter, and then covered with (leftover) crushed chips, salt, pepper, cavendars, and cheese baked for 30 minutes. Yummy!

Books I'm reading...I just finished Supreme Justice. It was free for the Kindle, and it was good.

Sounds of the moment...It's lunch time, the microwave is going, and chip bags are being opened.

What I'm wearing...Cute pink paisley shirt, denim capris, and pink socks.

A favorite thing from last week...We put the pool up! Yay!

On the calendar...Mom just texted and gave me the dates when she will be coming to our house. So excited!