Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Daybook Entry

In the great outdoors...It was a hot day today, but a sunny one. Beautiful really.

Within our walls... It seems cluttered in the house to me. So, I've been throwing things away, and taking things to the storage until I feel less claustrophobic. Oh, the stuff!

A heart of thanksgiving...I'm so thankful for my mom and sister. I can text one simple sentence and receive just the right words back from them. I realize not all families are like ours, and I'm thankful for mine.

A heart of prayer...This morning our cousin Hollye's mother in law died. She had a stroke yesterday and died shortly after. It is a shock to everyone, they are a close knit family and I know will covet your prayers during this time.

Random observations...I've probably said this before but I am continually reminded that nothing we experience is unique to us. No matter what the issue, marriage, school, friends, etc... Someone else has also had this experience, and knowing that makes my life easier. Sharing my troubles gives someone else the opportunity to share how they worked their way through the same trouble.

My silly children...Ever since we went to the Arkansas River when Henry was here David keeps asking to go back. I mean we got back from the beach, and he was asking when we could go to the river. And he has asked everyday since then!

Thoughts from the kitchen..We had spaghetti tonight. We were going to eat it last night but my friend Nomi made enchiladas, rice, beans, and salsa for a church group and gave us the leftovers. Hers are like no others!

What I'm reading...I read Where the Wind Leads by Vinh Chung last week. A remarkable story of faith, loss, and survival, read it if you haven't already!

Sounds of the moment...The tv is on, the dryer is going, and the kids are talking. It's a bit loud in here.

What I'm wearing...Blue shorts, Razorbacks t-shirt, white socks.

A favorite thing from last week...Meeting new people at the beach, they were so funny. I wish I had gotten their first names!

On the calendar...The three boys are going to Dallas Thursday for the weekend to go to a ball game and Six flags. But first, I'm getting my hair colored tomorrow! Trust me, it's time!