Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Daybook Entry

In the great outdoors...It's a sunny, muggy day. It's been raining for a week, which I've actually enjoyed. The grass is green and high, and needs to be mowed!

Within our walls...Stephen had to move out of the office he was using, and now our kitchen/dining is lined with boxes of books. It looks like we're moving!

A heart of prayer...Daniel and David are at church camp this week. I'm praying they have a fun time, and that God reveals Himself to them in a new and great way.

Random observations...I know it's just Tuesday, but the house is cleaner than normal. I think I know who makes the messes in this house!!

My silly children...Samuel and Anna are laughing and messing with each other since they're the only ones here. It's so fun to watch them. He loves her so much, but don't let him know I know.

Thoughts from the kitchen...We are taking advantage of the boys being gone and eating the foods they don't particularly care for. Last night we had spaghetti, tomorrow night is stroganoff.

Projects...Can making lists for our beach vacation count as a project?

Sounds of the moment...Anna and I are watching a 19 Kids and Counting rerun. Stephen and Samuel are playing golf.

What I'm wearing...A Siloam shirt, in honor of the boys being there, denim capris and green socks.

A favorite thing from last week...Saturday, Anna and I went shopping in Little Rock with Nancy. I had forgotten how fun that can be. I was glad she was feeling better. Samuel and Lauren went with us, but didn't stay with us.

On the calendar...Thursday we're going to a book sale in Little Rock hand then Saturday David and Daniel come home from camp! I can't wait!