Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bring on the Noise

They came home!!

Daniel (on the left) and David (on the right) left Monday morning for church camp. They were packed and ready to go Sunday afternoon. When all the boys were little I would pack for them and put each days clothes in a ziplock bag. I said when they were little! Samuel has stopped asking me to pack for him, but David and Daniel both asked me to help. For the last few years I've packed each days clothes in a Walmart bag, labeled it, tied it up and put it in their suitcase. Everything is in the bag. Socks, underwear, shorts, and shirt. It's easy for them, helps me know they have enough clothes for each day they're gone, and gives them something to put their dirty clothes in. It's a perfect system for us. I do the same with Anna. 

Anyway....I missed these boys something fierce. They are around me all of the time, so them being gone for six days was a long time! David texted every night but two, Daniel never texted me but was the first one to meet me at he door when hey came home.

As luck would have it, Stephen had to work longer today, and the battery in the van was dead, so a friend of mine brought them home from the church for me. I opened the door and Daniel was standing there with a huge smile on his face. Then came David needing a hug too. 

And then my house became noisy. With Samuel and Anna at home the house is pretty quiet. Samuel is either watching sports, or in his room. Anna reads or plays in her room, but these boys like to be in the living room and they are always talking and laughing. Or they're fussing at each other. Either way, it's noisy. 

But today it's a good noisy. All of my people are home! Well, except that Samuel and Anna are gone swimming right now and haven't seen the boys yet. But you know what I mean!