Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Boring Thursday Night

This morning we got up early(ish) and Stephen, Anna, and I headed to Little Rock. We dropped off our books at the homeschool book sale and then did a little shopping.

While we shopped I found a couple of things for the boys and it didn't make Miss Anna happy at all. I told her life wasn't fair, and she came back with, " it would be if you'd buy me something." She's a real sweetheart! 

And because we're going to the beach soon she got a lavender noodle. Don't think that was enough to make her real happy though. She knew how much we had spent on the guys and the $1.49 noodle didn't add up for her! She's pitiful.

We then went to the book sale and bought all but 2 of the books I need for next year for not much money. Yay for us!!!  And then we had lunch at Chic-Fil-A, Anna's pick, of course!

And now we're home. Doing nothing. Stephen is working, D&D are at camp, and the remaining three of us are boring and bored. Me taking a shower has been the most exciting thing that has happened tonight. And that's just sad. 

Maybe next Thursdsy night will be more fun? Maybe?!!