Sunday, March 16, 2014

This Weekend

We stayed close to home this weekend. But were on the move quite a bit.

Thursday night Samuel had a ball game, which was one of the longest 7 inning games ever. The first inning alone was 45 minutes long! When it was over we HAD to get groceries. So at 8:15 these three and I headed to the store. And let me tell you, Thursday nights are not a good night to go to the store. There was no ground beef, no hot dog buns, no graham crackers. I had to make a second trip the next day!

Friday, we got to see our favorite # 8 play. (Well, he actually didn't play Friday night, but he was ready!) His favorite jersey number has always been 2, but this year 2 was taken so he got 8. And 8 just happens to be my favorite number, and he knew it. It was a sweet moment.

Saturday, this guy and I went to Samuel's last game of the weekend. If I wasn't 100% sure it was David, I would think this was a picture of Daniel. It still amazes me that they can look so much alike to me. Daniel and Anna stayed home. Anna doesn't enjoy the ball games, and since they cost so much to get into we let one of the boys stay home with her. It saves us money and makes her happy and the boys don't mind!

On the way to the ball field we passed this sign. Apparently neither the sign maker, or sign buyer knows that carpet isn't sold by the role. Oh, Pine Bluff I do love you!

Hope you had a good weekend too.