Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hard Lessons Good Kids

I have been reminded the last month of how precious my children are. Since this is our blog and not Facebook I'm going to tell you a couple of stories.

Samuel has a new friend, (of the girl persuasion), after they had been talking for a couple of weeks her mom died after a long battle with cancer. So here was Samuel, liking a girl and figuring all that out and also being a friend to her in that difficult time. It was a heavy time! But Samuel, as Samuel always is, was a trooper. He listened, talked, gave, was present in her time of need, and distant enough that he wasn't in the way or smothering her, and above all he prayed. Not only for her, but also how to be a friend to her. 

Fast forward two weeks and it's David and Daniel's turn. They have a friend whose father died when he was just a baby. His grandfather has played a huge part in his life. He was both father and grandfather to him. On Sunday he was in a car accident and died two days later. Not only was he their friends grandfather, but he loved my boys too. He took them to lunch and planned air soft battles for them, was a counselor at church camp and their Awana teacher last year. This loss is huge!

Their friends mother called and asked me to bring them over to be with him for a while the morning he died. The boys were nervous about what to say, but we walked in the door and they were fantastic.
They immediately began playing video games, and did that for three hours! It gave their friend a break from thinking about his loss, and gave his mom an opportunity to cry and grieve without him worrying about her. 

I have been so proud of the young men our boys are growing into. They have had to deal with some difficult situations and have handled themselves with grace and strength. The losses weren't theirs, they were given the opportunity to minister to others. They did well. It's been a joy to watch them. 



Kelley said...

What a blessing your boys were to their friends!