Saturday, March 1, 2014

Girls Night

We began our evening at Larry's Pizza. It was buffet night which is great. At Larry's they bring the pizzas to the table, it's really a lazy mans buffet! We stayed for quite a while and enjoyed talking. 

Then we headed to the nail place. They were busy on a Friday night, we waited our turn and it was worth the wait! Anna got a full pedicure and loved it all. She has come out of her shyness this week, she usually doesn't like the attention a pedicure brings. She said the hot towels were pretty hot, but she that she liked them anyway! Then she got her fingernails done. Her toes are lavender and her fingernails are turquoise. When her nails were drying she realized she hadn't chosen pink! We couldn't believe it. 

We had such a fun night. Anna is really growing up, right before my eyes. Wow!


Kelley said...

How fun! Pedicures are a treat!