Thursday, March 13, 2014

Daybook Entry

In the great outdoors...A beautiful, sunny, warmish day. Beautiful.

Within our walls...Yelling. I'm just keeping it real. Not everyone in here is having their best day. Actually no one is having their best day,

A heart of thanksgiving...I'm thankful for a bargain. I bought Anna 2 dresses, 4 shirts, a pair of shorts, a swim suit, a skirt, a Build A Bear bed, and an American Girl potty for $42 at a consignment sale. Score!

(Of course she has it in the bathroom)

A heart of prayer...I know I say it every week but raising teenage boys is hard. Hard!

Random Observations...I crossed the Arkansas River today and was reminded how much I love the water. I don't like being in the water, just looking at the water.

Thoughts from the kitchen...I worked at the consignment sale yesterday and texted Daniel to see if he wanted to cook supper. Of course he did, so he made BBQ chicken and carrots. It was good!

On my bookshelf...Sadly this week all I've read are blogs.

Projects...Beacuse of our crazy schedule I'm just now getting to paint Daniel's desk. 

Sounds of the moment...The yelling has stopped and now it's just the tv and washing machine making noise.

What I'm wearing...chevron shirt, black cardigan, jeans, and Stephen's socks. I don't have any black ones, so I had to wear his today (and every other time I need black socks)

A favorite thing from last week...It wasn't last week, but Monday. Samuel played his first full ball game in quite a few years. I loved it. The first out he got was tagging one of his old buddies out on 2nd base. We loved it!

On the calendar...A ball tournament tonight thru Saturday, a trip to Little Rock to get a bike, more ball games next week, and laundry. Lots of laundry!