Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's a New Year

Christmas is all down and at the storage unit. I've cleaned, dusted, vacuumed and thrown stuff away. It's a nice way to begin a new year.

My friend, who does my hair, got married yesterday. That's a great way to start a new year! She met her new husband when he came in off the street to get a haircut. Isn't that awesome? They fell in love and she's been a happy camper ever since.

Sadly, as I was texting with her yesterday as she was driving to her wedding, she told me of a mutual friend's marriage that was in trouble. It reminded me once again that we married people need to be praying earnestly for the sanctity of our marriages. I know I pray that Stephen will never feel comfortable being with another woman if I'm not with them. I need the same prayer prayed for me. Marriage is too important, family is too important to let temptation slip in.

My heart is heavy thinking about this family and the pain they are feeling. It is also burdened after hearing of the illness of a family friend. My parents friends were such a big part of our lives growing up. I loved it when they would come over to our house, I enjoyed hearing the laughter, seeing my parents happy, and getting to be a part of other people's lives. To know that one of these people is in a fight for his life makes me sad. It also makes me focus on relationships and spend more time in prayer.

To know that I have someone I can turn to with these burdens, to turn them over to, makes it much easier to do life. If you don't know God as your Heavenly Father please contact me. Don't get me wrong life isn't easier, but turning your care and burdens over to The Lord makes it easier to DO life.

Sorry for the downer post. The next one will be better.