Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Haircut Change

For the last year I've been letting my hair grow out. I've gained weight and I decided that longer hair would help cover up the fact that my face is chub-by.

Now my hair is very straight. You know how curly Abby's hair is? My hair is that straight. Super straight, no body whatsoever, and it's thin. I really just have bad hair. But I have a great friend that cuts my hair and makes it look awesome. I mean it. Awesome.

But when it's long-ish it's hard to make it look awesome. My buddy, Christy, saw me after a few months of not seeing me at all and told me and the girl that cuts my hair that I needed a haircut. What a friend!

I fought it for about 3 months but then realized I really needed to give in and get a cut, because I was looking beyond frumpy. And oh, what a difference it made. I feel like the old me again. A lot has happened in the last year, and for some reason I lost a bit of myself and didn't even realize it. But it seems that I may just be back. So, watch out! Ha! Ha!

I cannot believe I just wrote a whole blog post about my hair. How vain!



Kelley said...

You look fabulous Julie!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful inside and out!!