Thursday, January 17, 2013

Answering The Call

Thank you for praying for Mama Bert this past week or two. She was called home to heaven this week. I was able to go to her funeral in Memphis and it was a beautiful service. She left such a legacy of love. It did my heart good to be there and witness it all.

I have to admit that I am the poor pitiful soul who forgets to turn her phone off at a funeral and even leaves the volume on high. I am also the one who cannot get her phone to stop ringing at the funeral so I just give up and answer it due to sheer panic. Yep..that is me. I did go to the little bathroom in the family area to answer it though. I mean after all, I do have some social skills. Seriously, I did think I would have a stroke at that moment. Mortification doesn't touch it. I was just glad all got a good laugh out of it afterwards and that my Aunt Babs didn't hang me from her tree!
We ordered new furniture 2 months ago and have been waiting on the delivery. The call was the delivery man telling me he was on his way to my house. Unreal. It was sort of funny and so irreverent. I am still mortified but laughing. No one heard me talking on the phone in the bathroom and the phone sounded like a fog horn and the loudest thing ringing in America to me at that moment. I don't think it sounded that way to anyone else. In fact, my Daddy was 2 seats down from me and whispers "Who's phone is that?" It was mine, Daddy...your sweet, well-mannered baby girl. Yep.
I laughed so hard today. It did my heart good to be with some of my family and friends, despite the circumstance. I think Mama Bert would like to know we had fun celebrating her sweet life.

And this is a song I find myself jamming out to lately as I drive. I was belting it out on my way back from Memphis today. I hope you are jamming out to it too. If not, you need to be!