Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Feeding The Need

It is estimated that on any given day more than 430,000 Arkansans do not have enough to eat. Each week over 5,100 people receive food assistance in northeast Arkansas. If you have read our blog for very long you know the work of the food bank is a passion for my little family. We have never been on the receiving end, thankfully, but if we ever have to be I am pleased to know we live in an area that takes hunger seriously and works hard to combat it each and every day.

  Our food bank was in desperate need of a new facility. They received a Reynolds grant and today they opened the doors for all to see. I was lucky to get a sneak peak before Christmas and it totally blew me away. Words cannot express the blessing that building will provide for the hungry in our area.
 In the path leading to the front door of the new facility, the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas has reserved a special place for engraved paving stones. The money for the stones support the "Building Hope . . . Feeding the Hungry" campaign. So in other words, Henry's brick is affording 5 senior citizens in our area a years worth of supplemental meals.

He has no idea what all this means to us but I  hope one day he will. I pray that he will have a servants heart and will be lead to help others in need. Hopefully by putting his name in the center of the walkway of this blessed facility, we are creating a path of giving for him. I thank God that we are able to help those  in need because one day we might need to be on the receiving end and I want to know there are people like us supporting the cause.