Monday, September 28, 2009

7 Months and Counting

7 months

Well, here I am. I am a little late on this month's update. I am starting to look a bit swollen and tired. I can't get my wedding ring on unless it is late in the day and I have had lots of water. Odd. I swell in the mornings the worst. My feet swell the worst at night...but they are not too bad yet.The curls are back alot these days. I never know what my hair is going to want to do. My nails are growing strong and look really good again. They had a weak spurt. Henry is an active little fellow and often surprises me/shocks me with his sharp moves. Bending over is a challenge by the afternoon on most days. Randall is out of town more for his new job, so when I dropped my magazines off the bed one night last week....well they stayed there until the next morning and I just settled for the TV instead! I am starting to get that "poor Abby" look and giggle when I walk in a room, meeting, etc. I also get that "are you sure you are due in December and not October?" argument from random people who I have never met. I have had 2 wonderful baby showers thus far and am feeling blessed and loved for sure. Henry's room is under construction and looks better everyday. Randall laughs because he said we have not put this much thought in any other room in this true! We are gitty about meeting our boy. Randall talks to him a lot and sings goofy songs. He loves it when his Daddy says in a high pitched voice "Hey Buddy,you want to go trick or treating?!"..he goes crazy inside of me. It is the funniest thing. Well, I could go on and on, but I will refrain. Thank you for praying for my health and for Henry's health. Also, thank you for praying for Randall's safe travels during harvest. We appreciate it more than you know!

Fabulously 60

This little girl is all grown up

She is the fabulous 6-0 today

Wow, doesn't she wear it well!

Happy birthday, Mama....we love you!

(all pics taken at her 60th surprise party)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

So, its been a while since you've heard from me.

Do I begin every post like this? It seems like it! I take a week off of posting anything and then fill you full when I come back. I don't know why I do this. I wish I could say I wouldn't do it again, but I know better, and so do you!

Last Thursday, Sept 17, passed without me blogging about "this date in history". I can't remember if I've told the story before. I'm pretty sure I have, but I couldn't find it in the labels so let me recap.

Sept 17, 1997 I was driving to work, 34 weeks pregnant, and was hit by a truck of teenage boys that decided to make a quick left turn in front of me. They had stopped and then turned, so they weren't going very fast. I on the other hand was going a good 50-55mph.

Needless to say, I totaled Stephen's beloved truck and got my first ride in an ambulance. And let me digress for just a moment. I do not like riding backwards. It made me nauseous. OK!
The events between the wreck and me getting in the ambulance are laughable now, and I would love to tell you the story if you want to hear it, but would hate to bore you if you don't. So let me know if you want to hear it!

After we called my mom and Stephen's parents, they came. And they came quickly! Samuel was not doing as well as he should have been doing for a few hours after the wreck so we were all a little antsy as you can imagine.

But the next morning I was discharged from the hospital. Samuel was just fine, and so was I. We were so thankful to God for seeing Samuel and I through that accident. After seeing the condition of the truck and re-thinking the speed of the accident it was amazing that we both survived it.

God was so real to me that day and night. I was calm, albeit a little worried, but never fearful. I knew God had us in His hands and was walking with us during that time.

You know, sometimes life is harder than at other times. I don't understand it really. I just know that as a Christian God is with me, walking in front of me, loving me and caring for me. Knowing that doesn't always make life and the crazy times easy, but it sure brings me comfort. God is a Comfort. The lover of my soul, my shield, my strong tower. I am so blessed to know Him and experience His love for me. How about you?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Making Room

Making room for Henry in this house has been a chore. Randall and I seem to have dominated every inch of it and we have only lived here a year. After a little reorganization, Henry now has his own little space.
He has a kitchen drawer for his feeding things

He has a kitchen cabinet for his bottles and such

He has a bathroom cabinet for his bath things

He has another bathroom cabinet for his towels and wash cloths

He has a chest of drawers for his wears

He has a closet for his little clothes.
He is an official member of this household and he is not even here yet!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bluff City Shower

Today we were showered again. Two weekends in a row. I feel so blessed that I may pop with joy and excitement. Henry is loved already, I know that is for sure! It was so great to see family and friends this morning for a yummy brunch.
My Shower Hostesses
Aunt Babs
Cousin Hollye
My Dad's wife, Connie

Henry's Mama in front of the beautiful floral arrangement Hollye made

Gifts galore

My Peepaw's sterling spoon and knife from when he was a baby. Babs willed them to Henry since Peepaw's middle name was Henry. Notice Peep's teeth marks in the spoon. Melt my heart.

I get my sappiness from the S side of the family, as you will soon find out with the sterling set in the pic above and then this. My Meemaw died in 2002. There was a gift from her at my shower and it was this little outfit. It was just like something she would buy. There was a card from her also. I cried.

Swing happiness. I love the idea of Henry in his swing.

I am excited to now be a diaper Bag diva.

Claire (Hollye's daughter) giving a shout out to Henry. She refused to touch my belly. That was too gross.

My Dad's step-daughter, Ashley. Aunt Juju may have a fight on her hands.
We missed you, Juju!

Tammy Jo, My Mississippi girl. Her husband built our Byhalia home and we became good buddies because of it. I loved laughing with her today.

P.S. In order to make my sweet Aunt Babs not shutter at the sight of the word "Memfrica" in my post title, I used Bluff City instead. She does not find it complimentary for me to refer to her home's location as "Memfrica". I find it comforting that she neither lives in what we locals call "the circle of death" (Inside the I-40 loop), nor is she in any part of the many ghettos. Babs lives in a very classy area, but it is Shelby County and all of that is Memfrica to me (I love you Babs).


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hometown Shower

This past weekend we headed west for a big weekend of birthdays, (mine was Sunday and then we also had a 60th surprise for my mom) lots of family in town, a baby shower and a church reunion. This post is dedicated to the baby shower.
Fort Smith Shower Hostesses
Melissa - My BFF
Sarah - My cousin who is 11 months older than me
Staci - My cousin-in-law (married to Zach)
The fabulous cake Sarah made for the shower.
She matched Henry's bedding. The bottom layer was chocolate with Oreo filling and the top layer was strawberry with cream cheese filling.
Mucho yummy and beautiful!

I loved having my Mawmaw in town for my shower.
She is my only living grandmother. Isn't she beautiful and sassy?! I was so blessed to have distant cousins, in laws, aunts and great aunts attend.
I missed my sister and my Aunt Donna, for sure.

This is my best girl. She opened her home for the shower. I love the smiles in the picture. We both have that glow.
She is expecting #3.

My "Sa". She knows me about as well as anyone.
We might as well have been sisters. I love how excited she is about our Henry.

Gifts galore..and then they added more.
I was sweating before it was over.

I loved looking up from the gift frenzy and seeing my old girlfriends and family.
Staci was a peach to write down all the gifts for me.

A few of the sweet faces of my youth that were at my shower.
This post would be too long if I posted all the pics of the friendly faces who were there.

Thank you to Melissa, Sarah and Staci for such a wonderful afternoon!
This Saturday I head across the bridge to Memfrica for a shower given to me by my other side of the family. My aunt Babs, my cousin, Hollye and my Dad's wife, Connie are hosting this one for me. My wrist is preparing for a beating from all the thank you notes. You know I am the thank you note Nazi and will often post about the importance of a prompt thank you. This past weekend's thank yous are already written, of course. Anyway, I think Henry is feeling the love and we thank you all for being excited with us.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Picture-less vacation post

I know some of you wonder how Abby and I can even be related.

She loves to post pictures of all of her activities, and I hardly post any.

I got a new camera for my birthday and (don't tell Stephen) I lost the cord that connects the camera to the computer. So, I put the memory stick in the computer and the computer won't recognize it. OH THE AGONY!!!

So, I tried to post some pictures but it just isn't going to work anytime soon.

We were in Branson from the 7th until today, the 14th. A sweet, wonderful couple have provided us with wonderful accommodations the past two years in Branson. We are so thankful to them and their generosity.

Since we have been to Branson countless times, we tried to do some new things, so we wouldn't get "bored" on vacation.

We took a ride on the Branson Belle, a showboat that has dinner cruises with fun entertainment. The food was good and the show was great. The kids loved being on the boat. Anna looked for the Branson Ba-ele (that word has two syllables when she says it) everytime we drove over the dam.

We also went to the Shepherd of the Hills show. Samuel had seen this right before his 3rd birthday, but the other kids and I had not seen it. It is shown outside at dusk. Its a good story that includes love, guns, and fist fights. Something for the whole family!

Silver Dollar City is a Beavers family must! I don't know how many times we have gone there over the years, but we love it. It is such a clean, friendly, safe, beautiful park. We have been in the summer, spring and Christmas. Christmas is my all-time favorite. The first year we went it snowed while we were there. It was beautiful!

We spent our share of time in the lazy river at Big Cedar. There isn't anything much more fun to my boys than a water slide and inner tubes in the water!

And of course the outlet malls. They have a Crocs outlet. I didn't know this, but I know it now! Their prices are outlet prices and they were having a buy 1 get 1 sale. Yes, We all have new crocs!!

We also ate and ate and ate. Nothing new or unusual about that. Nancy, Anna and I stumbled upon a tea room that was delightful. That will be a Branson tradition for us from now on.

The shows we went to and Silver Dollar City don't let you forget that God is our creator and that He wants to be the Lord of our lives. If you are looking for a fun safe place to take your children, think about Branson. At Christmas at Silver Dollar City Santa tells each child about the true meaning of Christmas.

Ok, so enough about Branson. I think I should get paid for the advertisement!

It is good to be back. The Wilderness Club at Big Cedar doesn't have free wifi which I think is just a crime these days. So, we were unwired this week. I missed it BAD! I'm glad to be back, now to regular programming!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yes, We Are Alive

I am sure you faithful readers and lurkers are wondering why the pause between posts? Well, this pregnant girl has too much to say, not enough time to say it and can't get her thoughts organized enough to express herself sensibly most of the time.
My sister is busy homeschooling, working a little part-time job, doing laundry, cooking, teaching at church and vacationing for a full 7 days this week (lucky girl, she is). So, that is why you are not seeing as much of us as you have in the past. Life has happened and that is good somedays... and crappy on other days! ha.

So, you have got to be wondering what is going on with this 26 week pregnant mama to be:
Well, it is pretty well all about Henry.....

1. I sailed through my 3.5 hour GTT yesterday with a good reading. No diabetes for me!
I had a false reading at the doctor's office and had to sit through the 3.5 misery at the lab. I got a great result back from the doctor today and will eat my birthday cake and shower cake this weekend with a smile!

2. Henry's bedding is finished!
I am anxious to get it all from my sweet mother-in-law and get it on his bed. I can't wait to see it all together in his room. It will be most cute.

3. Henry's mural is in the making!
Our dear family friend Genia is hard at work getting little Henry painted. He is going to be swinging on a rope in overalls. Curly hair. Barn in the distance. Trees. Baseball bat and ball. etc. I can't wait to post a pic on here when it is up and on display in his room.

4. Henry's showers are beginning!
We are headed to the Fort this weekend for my first shower. My BFF, Melissa and my cousins Sarah & Staci are hosting this shower for me at Melissa's house. My super talented cousin Sarah is making the cake. I can't wait to see what she makes. She let me pick two flavors for my cake. I chose strawberry and chocolate. Should taste yummy. I can't wait to see all my family and old girlfriends. Pure Bliss!
Next weekend I will head to Memfrica for a shower my Aunt Babs and cousin Hollye are hosting for me. I will get to see my Daddy, other family and all my midsouth peeps. Should be most fun times!
I have 2 other showers in the month of October and am overwhelmed by the love people are showing us at this special time. I am almost embarrassed by it. I am a giver and not a good taker...if you know me, you know how thankful I get over the simplest things. This is rocking my world!

5. I am feeling fat!
Yep, I am not feeling like the sassy pregnant lady much anymore. People tell me how cute I am and that I am all baby but I am seeing myself naked and trust is a scary sight! I never knew my little body could do such things. I sometimes wonder how on earth skin could stretch so much, so fast. No bad stretch marks yet...crossing my fingers and lathering up on the lotions.

6. This Sunday will be my last birthday without a child.
I know that sounds silly, but the thought of having my child make me a card, kiss me, bring me a frog (I am hoping my little Henry Patton is not Dennis the Mennis like, but I do fear it in a large way), buy me something from the dollar store, make me breakfast in bed, make me a craft, etc on my birthday makes my heart swell with excitement.

7. The swine flu scare is making me feel like Bill Murray in What About Bob, the movie.
I am suppose to go to a 75th reunion reception/dinner this weekend with close to 600 people for the church where I grew up. I have been so excited about it for months and now I am terrified of someone coughing on me, hugging me, shaking my hand or kissing me...Yikes. I asked our education nurse here and she says it is pretty well a crap shoot (my hers). She said staying out of crowded spaces is encouraged but I could also get it from my small office. So, what is a pregnant paranoid girl to do?! Heaven help me get to December and get this baby out of me before I get the pig flu!

I am sure I could go on and on all day, but there is no need. As my sister reminds me often, women who have been pregnant usually have no sympathy for those who are pregnant. She tries to make my skin thick. It doesn't work, but she never gives up. Bless her. Since most of you have children, you are probably ready to move on to another site. Maybe my sister is wrong though. Who knows!

Stay tuned for pictures from my shower this coming weekend.....and hopefully Julie will actually post pictures of her family from her vacation this week. We will miss her at my shower, truly!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Question

I was reading another blog favorite of mine this morning, Boomama and she had the funniest post from yesterday.

I mean, I was LOL and snorting! I have never been so glad that I wasn't drinking chocolate milk in my life.

I'll clarify that statement a bit. In 9th grade, while sitting with "my" cool kids (we might not have been "the" coolest kids in school, but we were cool in our own minds) in the lunch room, at the first table on the left. Someone, probably Kathy or Jeffrey, said something so funny that I laughed so hard chocolate milk came out my nose and landed in my green beans.

I think that act of nose-talent solidified my "uncoolness" for the rest of my life.

So, her Boomama's post was about closing salutations in letters. I was just thinking about this yesterday.
There are times when I send emails. Or can you believe it, a letter? And I struggle with how to sign it.

If it is a letter to my former youth minister do I say
Blessings to you,

If it is an email to my friend Debbie. Who I discuss an upcoming event that we are working on but also joke with in an unending way. Do I sign it

God Bless,
Love you big bunches,

Really the options are endless.

But I don't know if I should sign with a "Christian" signature if I have joked through the email more than I have talked business.

Are there rules for this sort of thing? Does Emily Post have a chapter in her book on this?

Is the rule something like, if the letter is 55% business and 45% fun then I get to sign it
Loving Jesus,

Or if the letter is 65% fun and 35% business do I get to sign it
Can't wait to see you,

I just don't know what the ratio of fun vs business needs to be to elicit a fun signature vs a more Christian signature.

I would like to sign all of them God Bless or In His Love but if I've joked my way through an email I just feel silly signing it like that. Like I'm trying to be something I'm not.

Oh my, I may have too much time on my hands. Or actually, I may have too much on my plate and instead of dealing with all of that I choose to try to figure out how to sign a letter!

Either way, I must get on with my day.

Love, In His Love, Please Comment,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A (sort-of) rant

I took the twins to the doctor for their well-checkup yesterday. And can I just say that I left that office feeling pretty good?

They answered all of her questions with a yes! Well, all except the question about wearing a helmet while riding a bike. But really, does anyone do that?

Questions like,
Do you ALWAYS wear your seat belt?
Can you write your name in cursive?
Do you have chores?
Do you eat good? (what an odd question)
and the biggie! Can you tell time on a non-digital clock?

I felt like a successful parent.

I know, I know. The answers to those questions don't make a successful parent. But yesterday? After the kind of morning I had had with a couple of the kids. I needed them to get all those answers correct. I needed some affirmation.

And then I realized that my confidence in parenting doesn't come from an outside source. My confidence comes from the Lord. Only. I don't need to seek worldly approval of my parenting skills. I need to seek God's approval of my parenting skills. God is my authority.

I tend to get all caught up in what other people think of me. I can't tell you how many times over the past few days I have said " I feel personally rejected".

You see, I was part of a small team of women that organized a women's conference for our area. We had a great time meeting and planning and getting to know one another. And then it came time for registration and I couldn't get hardly anyone I knew to come. The other women had scads of women coming, but not me.

I felt rejected.

I shouldn't have. (Although as I write this I still feel that way.) But I did/do.

But, you know what?

It really doesn't matter. Maybe Saturdays are precious to those people. Maybe it was someones birthday. Maybe being around a bunch of women isn't their thing. Maybe it wasn't ME they were saying no to.

I'm a slow learner. I'm too old to be learning this lesson. I should have learned it YEARS ago. But I didn't. I'm still learning it each time it happens.

My confidence is in the Lord. My courage comes from the Lord. My strength comes from the Lord. Not man. Not woman. The Lord.

Hallelujah and Amen!