Monday, September 28, 2009

7 Months and Counting

7 months

Well, here I am. I am a little late on this month's update. I am starting to look a bit swollen and tired. I can't get my wedding ring on unless it is late in the day and I have had lots of water. Odd. I swell in the mornings the worst. My feet swell the worst at night...but they are not too bad yet.The curls are back alot these days. I never know what my hair is going to want to do. My nails are growing strong and look really good again. They had a weak spurt. Henry is an active little fellow and often surprises me/shocks me with his sharp moves. Bending over is a challenge by the afternoon on most days. Randall is out of town more for his new job, so when I dropped my magazines off the bed one night last week....well they stayed there until the next morning and I just settled for the TV instead! I am starting to get that "poor Abby" look and giggle when I walk in a room, meeting, etc. I also get that "are you sure you are due in December and not October?" argument from random people who I have never met. I have had 2 wonderful baby showers thus far and am feeling blessed and loved for sure. Henry's room is under construction and looks better everyday. Randall laughs because he said we have not put this much thought in any other room in this true! We are gitty about meeting our boy. Randall talks to him a lot and sings goofy songs. He loves it when his Daddy says in a high pitched voice "Hey Buddy,you want to go trick or treating?!"..he goes crazy inside of me. It is the funniest thing. Well, I could go on and on, but I will refrain. Thank you for praying for my health and for Henry's health. Also, thank you for praying for Randall's safe travels during harvest. We appreciate it more than you know!


Kelley said...

It won't be long now! It is such an exciting time and such a blessing from God!

Matt and Jolee said...

I remember thinking it would almost time for you to have your baby when Matt gets home. Well, here we are! Three more weeks for me.... and you won't be long afterward!!