Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hometown Shower

This past weekend we headed west for a big weekend of birthdays, (mine was Sunday and then we also had a 60th surprise for my mom) lots of family in town, a baby shower and a church reunion. This post is dedicated to the baby shower.
Fort Smith Shower Hostesses
Melissa - My BFF
Sarah - My cousin who is 11 months older than me
Staci - My cousin-in-law (married to Zach)
The fabulous cake Sarah made for the shower.
She matched Henry's bedding. The bottom layer was chocolate with Oreo filling and the top layer was strawberry with cream cheese filling.
Mucho yummy and beautiful!

I loved having my Mawmaw in town for my shower.
She is my only living grandmother. Isn't she beautiful and sassy?! I was so blessed to have distant cousins, in laws, aunts and great aunts attend.
I missed my sister and my Aunt Donna, for sure.

This is my best girl. She opened her home for the shower. I love the smiles in the picture. We both have that glow.
She is expecting #3.

My "Sa". She knows me about as well as anyone.
We might as well have been sisters. I love how excited she is about our Henry.

Gifts galore..and then they added more.
I was sweating before it was over.

I loved looking up from the gift frenzy and seeing my old girlfriends and family.
Staci was a peach to write down all the gifts for me.

A few of the sweet faces of my youth that were at my shower.
This post would be too long if I posted all the pics of the friendly faces who were there.

Thank you to Melissa, Sarah and Staci for such a wonderful afternoon!
This Saturday I head across the bridge to Memfrica for a shower given to me by my other side of the family. My aunt Babs, my cousin, Hollye and my Dad's wife, Connie are hosting this one for me. My wrist is preparing for a beating from all the thank you notes. You know I am the thank you note Nazi and will often post about the importance of a prompt thank you. This past weekend's thank yous are already written, of course. Anyway, I think Henry is feeling the love and we thank you all for being excited with us.



Jennifer said...

It looks like a great time and that cake is amazing!

The Family Marsico said...

Seriously - that cake is amazing! Sarah is a jack of all trades to be sure. Love the orange monogramed tote I see there ina picture, too.

Good to see you this weekend. We'll be in touch.