Friday, September 11, 2015

School Days. Golden Rule Days

The new school year is in full swing and the Fab Five are having a fantastic start. 

Henry Patton started Kindergarten this year at Valley View. He is enjoying it so far. He has lots of old and new friends with him. His teacher is a great fit for him too. We are so proud of how brave he is becoming. 

(Julie, we really need a school picture of our best girl! This is the most recent one I had of her up close from July)
Anna Kathryn started the 6th grade at Beavers Academy. She is so bright and sweet. We are loving watching her bloom into the beautiful woman God has created her to be. 

Samuel Charles started his senior year at Watson Chapel as a full time student. He is playing football and baseball. Watching him develop into a Godly young man who puts his convictions first is very inspiring. This year is going to be full of cheers and tears watching it all unfold for our first born love. 

David Robert and Daniel Stephen started 9th grade at Beavers Academy and Watson Chapel. They are taking science and playing football at WC. The rate these two are blooming makes my aunt head spin! These two are the most thoughtful and funniest guys around. God's got big plans for them. As I often recite by phone "don't be in junior high!" Because junior high stinks...and they can now attest to that! 

Abby Jo