Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weekend Recap Part 2

I'm finally at a stopping point in my week to tell you about the rest of our weekend. See, what I mean about being busy all of the sudden!

Friday night, David and Daniel were at Judgement House, and Anna had wrangled a way to stay at her friends house while we we went to Samuel's football game. We usually take Lauren with us, but she decided to stay home and study for the ACT she and Samuel were both taking the next morning at 8:00. Smart girl.

The game was in Magnolia, which is a good two hours away. Stephen and I were alone so we decided to stop by our favorite south Arkansas restaurant in El Dorado, MELS. (All caps are how they write the name.) We enjoyed the best gumbo and bacon wrapped shrimp ever. In. The. World.

We made it to Magnolia in time to watch all the pre game warm-ups. We don't usually get to a game early, so it was fun to watch. The game was a defensive battle. I usually text mom, dad, and Charlie (Stephen's dad) with game updates. This game they got a text after the quarters. Nothing happened. No score. During the third quarter Samuel kicked a field goal that would have put us up 3-0 but he missed it. We weren't able to score and neither were they so at the end of regulation the game was 0-0. 

So, here we go into overtime. Magnolia had the ball first, didn't make a touchdown, and their field goal was blocked. We didn't make a touchdown, and Samuel's (Joseph Valient again) kick wasn't good. There is a little controversy about it, but the refs said no good.

Second overtime, we got the ball first, didn't score a touchdown, and Samuel's kick wasn't good. Magnolia fumbled and we went to the third overtime. 

My nerves at this point were shot. I needed a paper bag to breathe in. All the parents around me were just as nervous for me.

The third overtime, Magnolia gets the ball first and they don't score a touchdown and their kick is bad! Oh my! We get the ball, don't make a touchdown, and now Samuel has to kick a field goal. I stood up this time. The other two times, I sat down and tried to breathe. This time I continued to ask God to give him a Facing the Giants moment, and I stood up. And when that kick went through the uprights, and the refs arms went up, I jumped and screamed. I'm pretty sure you heard me wherever you were, oh my goodness! We all went crazy! The players ran and jumped around Samuel, coaches were high fiving and yelling. It was one of those scenes that you see on TV and you jump up and down in your living room! Crazy good!

Samuel's name was in the Pine Bluff paper, and the AR Democrat Gazette twice over the weekend. And only written as Joseph once! We gave him the weekend to celebrate, and wouldn't you know it he was mentioned in another article yesterday. It's funny, that we don't talk about the three kicks he missed, just the one he made. But, that's how we like to relive the memory!