Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weekend Recap Part 1

The lazy slow summer has come to an end, and a busy fall has begun. We're going in all directions and having a good time. We're so busy that I need to get my hair done and won't be able to until the week after next. That is not good news!

David and Daniel are actors in Judgement House at a local church. Judgement House is a play that is set in eight scenes, following characters through life changing decisions. This year David played an angel in Judgement. 

He dressed as an angel and was to stand stoicly and not smile. He said not smiling was going to be difficult, since his "natural face" was to smile. Which made me laugh! His natural face is a frown, much like mine. Not that we aren't happy, just that we don't always smile, we've laughed a lot the last two weeks about his "natural face." In his costume, he stands barefoot, and one lady told him he had perfect toes. Perfect toes! 

Daniel played one of the lead roles in Judgement House. He had MANY lines to memorize and was in four of the eight scenes. He did so good. He was nervous, but I couldn't really tell it when I saw him. He's a real natural at acting. He didn't share the Gospel in his lines, but he did speak of a relationship with Jesus and how Jesus can fill the empty spots in your life, and that Jesus was a friend that sticks closer than a brother,

Judgement House lasted for six days, about 1000 people went through and many made life changing decisions. I love that David and Daniel wanted to be part of such a Gospel driven ministry. It was hard work and long hours but they loved it.