Monday, October 6, 2014


Friday was Homecoming at Watson Chapel High. Lauren was nominated and was honored to walk in the Homecoming Court. She was so pretty, as always, and Samuel was so proud of her. Isn't he just the cutest?!

Finally! He got to wear number 10, and when he kicked they announced him as Beavers. We were some proud, poor Joseph didn't get too play. HAHAHAHAHA!

Mom came to watch a game and spend some time with us before the game. Anna, David, and Daniel enjoyed spending time with her. I love this picture of them.

But I love this picture better. We were so proud. He had kicked three extra points and one field goal and we won the game. Finally!

And the reason I look a little ragged is because Thursday night we lost power. We were told it wouldn't come back on until Sunday night at 10:00. Can you even imagine? Thankfully, it came back on while we were at the game. The picture is of the kids and I playing Scrabble by crayon light. Did you know crayons burn like candles?!!

During all the weekend fun, David didn't feel good. I took him to the doctor today and found out he has Strep. So that's fun.

We're gearing up for a good week. It's Samuel's birthday week (birthday is Saturday) so we'll be celebrating him all week I'm sure! 17, can you believe it?