Monday, October 7, 2013

Symphony, But not For Me

It's Sunday afternoon. And I'm home alone. Did you get that? Alone! 

Stephen took the kids to the symphony. Their excitement could be contained in a thimble. 

Stephen and I went to the Memphis Symphony a few times before we had Samuel, and I never enjoyed it. I enjoyed the dinner beforehand, and the getting dressed up but I didn't enjoy the actual Symphony. 

I hope they enjoy it more than I did, or at least appreciate it. 

The fact that Stephen only got five tickets when he could have gotten six, speaks volumes to me. First it says that he knows me and second, he knows I relish some time alone. Oh, how I love that man!
 I'm watching Friday Night Lights reruns that I recorded and loving this time! So I'll finish this for now and finish my time alone.

Have a great week!