Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mr. Personality

This child does not lack in personality. If you know him at all, you know he is a hoot. A handful, yet a hoot. This day he decided to go to school as a train conductor. I purchase these things for him to wear, so it is my fault, really. He then wanted his photo taken on the porch. I have trained him well! He went into school going "choo choo" and making all the teachers smile. He is rotten, just rotten! That is just a tshirt with that stuff screen printed on it. I got it from Gymboree last winter on their clearance rack. He had the hat in his "make believe" bucket.

He loves "volcano"...camo. He thinks we say "volcano" when we say "camo". We do not correct him because we love it too much. David & Daniel gave him all their hand me down camo stuff. He decided to break into some of it recently. It is all still way too big but he does not mind. He wore these coveralls for two days straight. We rolled them up and used a chip clip to tighten them up in the back. It made him happy.

This boy loves some sweets. I tell him he is his Meemaw's child. I know she giggles in heaven watching him beg for cookies, gummies, etc. He will grin and say "PLLLLEEEEEAZZZZ, Mama!". He comes by it honest. I love sweets too. Thankfully, he loves to run like Daddy and Mama. We are both training for a half marathon in early December right now so he sees and hears us talking about it. We have started to let him run drills in the front yard with us. He is a fast little runner. He is beginning to really like riding his bike also. I think activity is so important for our children because they do not get as much as they should. We are trying to make a better effort to get this big ole growing cutie a movin! I am so glad I get to be his Mama.