Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweet 16 Sam

Move out of the way, Samuel Charles is on the road! This cute little toe headed boy who made me an aunt is 16. I love this boy with a love that cannot be explained. I toted this little thing around by myself all the time and got the "oh, look she is a teen mom" stare from people sometimes. That was before being a "teen mom" was more accepted than it is now. I loved every stare and had fun with it when I had the chance. I have always been a little crazy. In fact if you ask this teenage boy about his Aunt Abby he will say, "She is SO crazy!".
He was my little man who has grown into a real big man. I sometimes see this little rubber toe Ked cutie when I look at him now. Watching him play in my little turquoise car will be forever etched in my heart. Now he drives on his own in the family van. I know that same little grin will be behind the wheel and the same sweet, innocent heart of his will be sitting there also. Samuel is such a blessing. I am so God gave us him 16 years ago today. Happy Birthday, Sambo!

Aunt Abby