Monday, February 25, 2013

What a Day!

Oh people, I cannot begin to tell you what a great day it has been.

Mamaw and Uncle David came to Arkansas Friday and came to Little Rock yesterday. Stephen, the kids and I went to see them at Aunt Suzy's today. Mom and Aunt Janet were there and Abby and Henry surprised us and showed up too. What a fabulous day!

I hadn't seen Mamaw since last March when mom was in the hospital. And that was just too long of a time to go without seeing her. My kids love Mamaw as much (well almost as much) as I do. I love that she lights up when any of her people come in the room. She hugs me and whispers in my ear, I always feel so special when I'm with her.

We love being at Aunt Suzy's house. It is the greatest house, it overlooks the Arkansas River, has a great view and lots of room. I love staying the night there and my kids can't get enough of it. She is so great with the kids and makes them feel special and loved.

I know not everyone has a family like mine. I don't take it for granted. This has been one of my most favorite days ever. My love tank is over flowing. The house was filled with love, sweet words, and hugs. And don't let me forget the food. It was also full of food!!

I love days like this, they're few and far between. But I'll not forget this one.