Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love Tales

I am finally posting the last of our Valentine photos. I have been out of "social media sorts" this week doing various things here and there and everywhere. I had fun at Henry's little ice cream party. He is always so proud to have me there. I have not missed a party yet! He makes me sit on the floor next to him the entire time and he just looks at me and grins. I know one day he will not acknowledge me at school functions, so I am basking in the attention now while I have it!

Henry made Randall and me thumbprint key chains and the teacher included a little poem. It made my day to get these. Randall and I are afraid to carry them on our key chains because we don't want them to break so I think we have decided I will carry mine and we will save his for a keepsake. So precious.

Henry had a fun time playing with all his Valentine goodies from his friends. He really is the best little Valentine, EVER!

On Friday I got him from school early and we played at the park. It was bitter cold, but the poor child had been begging for the park. I gave him 10 minutes and we played on everything as fast as we could!

 After the park we got a haircut. He finally sat by himself again. The past few times he has made me hold him. I loved that he wanted to be a big boy. We went and got a Sonic slush and Diet Coke afterwards for a haircut happy! I sure love this baby boy of mine and I am enjoying the extra time I have with him right now as I wait for the Lord to direct my steps to another job.